Whisper Creek® Tennessee Sipping Cream® is a Tennessee Whiskey Cream® that embodies all the deliciously-familiar characteristics of a charcoal-mellowed Tennessee whiskey softened by the subtle flavors of real caramel, red apple, fig, pecan and all-natural secret ingredients.

From the first glance at the unique bottle, you know Whisper Creek is going to be unlike anything you've ever tasted. The design blends the classic whiskey jug and old-fashioned milk bottle into something as distinct as the spirit it holds. More than 30 all-natural ingredients, real Tennessee Whiskey and pure dairy cream create a sensation that has made Whisper Creek stand alone in a category full of copycats and imitators. 

Whisper Creek is now available in Whisper Creek Mocha, made with the original Whisper Creek formula and the addition of all-natural coffee and chocolate flavors. 

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As Seen on the Travel Channel's Booze Traveler!