Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream - best sipped on the rocks

The first all-American version of what is often called “Irish” cream will be distributed in most states this fall and is now available for purchase online. Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream is produced by local couple, Jenny and Jeff Pennington, who created this unique, flavorful whiskey drink – true to its Southern roots – and distill it here at Speakeasy Spirits (900 44th Avenue North).

Unlike mainstream cream liqueurs, which use a white liquor base, Whisper Creek features premium-aged, charcoal-mellowed Tennessee whiskey made at Speakeasy Spirits.

“The results are a rich taste and a smooth, less oily mouth feel than more traditional cream liqueurs. It has a different taste profile, emphasizing the natural whiskey elements, instead of the chocolate and coffee tastes predominant in the current market’s numerous Irish creams,” raved Nashville Lifestyles Magazine.

Much of what we taste in each sip of Whisper Creek are layers of fig, sorghum, persimmon and pecan, dominated by notes intrinsic to whiskey itself – caramel, vanilla and burnt molasses, for example. 

Jenny Pennington took inspiration from the rich history woven throughout Tennessee whiskey production to design the Whisper Creek bottle: a silhouette modeled after a classic milk bottle and the notorious shape of a moonshine jug. Subtle curves represent the fluidity, smoothness and feminine appeal of Whisper Creek, while authentic Tennessee whiskey appeals to a more rugged side. Both the packaging and logo hearken back to an earlier time and are at once nostalgic and au courant.

Best tasted on the rocks to experience the full and complex flavors, Whisper Creek® Tennessee Sipping Cream also makes a wonderful addition to coffee, cocktails, over ice cream for a delicious, sweet treat, or as an ingredient in desserts like bread pudding. Pastry chefs nationwide are now using Whisper Creek® in their dessert menus to add a unique depth of flavor to their creations.

Jenny and Jeff have ideal backgrounds for producing Whisper Creek®, with years of experience in the beverage industry. The two worked at competing liquor distributors (Horizon Wine and Spirits and Best Brands, respectively), and have been hailed as the Romeo and Juliet of the industry.

The couple chose to follow their passion for handcrafted, small-batch whiskey with well-developed flavors – and they reached this decision shortly after their honeymoon. They knew there was a void in the marketplace as most cream liqueurs are vodka or rum based, with about half percent whiskey for flavor. But Whisper Creek® Tennessee Sipping Cream® is a 40-proof liqueur made from a base of pure Tennessee whiskey.