There's nothing quite like the original Tennessee Sipping Cream, Whisper Creek!

Whisper Creek is the original Tennessee Sipping Cream. And there's really nothing quite like the original.  

Through a secret formula of pure Tennessee Whiskey, real dairy cream and more than 30 all-natural flavors, Whisper Creek creates a taste experience unlike any other. With the highest proof of any cream liqueur on the market, Whisper Creek has a lighter texture and mouthfeel than many other cream liqueurs. 


Tasting Notes


Sweet Notes of Creamy Caramel, Vanilla and Butterscotch with a Whisper of Tennessee Whiskey


Soft Notes Of Burnt Molasses, Red Apple, Caramel, Fig & Pecan Give Way To Complex Flavors of Tennessee Whiskey


Light on the Palate with Lingering Sweet Flavors Perfectly Balanced with Whispers of Tennessee Whiskey


Whisper Creek’s Custom Bottle Was Inspired by the Classic Milk Bottle & the Infamous Moonshine Jug