Whisper Creek Cupcakes

Layered with almost two-dozen all-natural flavors, Whisper Creek is that perfect secret ingredient for baked goods and desserts. These luscious little cupcakes are no exception, as the Whisper Creek adds subtle sweetness that will please everyone at the party.



1 box white cake mix, substitute Whisper Creek® for water (plus add additional 1/4 cup)

¼ cup Whisper Creek® (optional)



2 sticks butter, softened

2 cups powdered sugar

¼ cup Whisper Creek®


Start by making the cupcakes according to cake mix directions, except substitute Whisper Creek for the water that is asked for with an additional 1/4 cup to compensate for the evaporation of alcohol. Bake the cupcakes and let cool before poking the tops with a fork to make small holes. Optional: brush the tops of the cupcakes with the ¼ cup Whisper Creek and allow to absorb before frosting.

To make the frosting, cream butter, powdered sugar and whisper creek together with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Top the cupcakes with the frosting, serve and enjoy!

Note: while there will still be some alcohol in the frosting and a little that is brushed on to the cupcakes, it is a nominal amount. The alcohol in the batter will cook off while the cupcakes are baking.

Super Simple recipe for boozy cupcakes made with Whisper Creek Tennessee Sipping Cream